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Experienced Help When You Need It The Most

Founded in 2000, Cantu Law Firm, P.C., protects the rights of clients throughout Galveston and the surrounding areas. Founding attorney Patricia Cantu is as compassionate as she is strong. While defending your rights ferociously, she always provides an empathetic, nonjudgmental ear to listen to your concerns or questions.

In every matter she handles – from estate planning to criminal defense and business dispute resolution – she strives tenaciously to arrive at a favorable outcome. When you need the counsel of a reliable and experienced lawyer, you can trust your future with her.

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An Ally Through All Your Legal Challenges

Attorney Cantu provides a range of legal services for her clients. She guides you through the legal process toward a better tomorrow. The areas she practices include:

  • Business organization
  • Criminal law, including expungement
  • Estate administration and probate

Ms. Cantu believes in a strong attorney-client relationship. You will deal directly with her and she will work diligently in your best interest.

A Litigator Prepared To Fight

As a reputable trial attorney, Ms. Cantu does not fear a showdown in court. In most cases, she secures a positive outcome through alternative dispute resolution. This tends to save her clients time, money and stress. As needed, though, she has appeared before state and federal courts throughout Texas and has won numerous favorable verdicts.

Get The Help You Need To Protect Your Future

When so much is at stake, you deserve the knowledge and care of Patricia Cantu. You can schedule a free, confidential phone consultation to discuss your legal concerns with her. To begin, call her office at 713-570-6698 or send her an email.